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Product exchange request



  • Susan Serpa

    Unit does not power on. Please replace as discussed.

    Susan Serpa

  • Anne

    Please replace will not power on. Therma cell.patio shield.

  • Wanda Bair

    Where is this return/replacement link?

  • Miriam Becker-Cohen

    Please replace my E90 refill.  I ordered a new E90 and the refill cartridge in the box was not sealed and leaked out everywhere.

  • Peggy Buonsignore

    I called and also registered my therma cell patio shield.  This is the second one I purchased.  The 1st one stopped working and wasn't aware there is a warranty that I could have contacted you for a replacement.  The only reason I purchased another is because when it worked it was very efficient!  Now the second one isn't working -purchased July 1st, 2023.  Please replace.  Thank you. 


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